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January 1st has come and gone, and with it, a bevvy of new laws for Californians to get used to. First among them, legalized, recreational marijuana. Despite U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatening to crack down on states like CA, WA, CO, and OR, our state says it will defend it's right to grow, sell, and use marijuana. The state of California is also now officially a sanctuary state, meaning local and state law enforcement may not investigate, detain, or arrest people for immigration purposes. Another bill will require shopping malls, arenas, and public bathrooms to provide baby changing tables in the men's rooms, as they currently exist in women's restrooms. Our elections will be dramatically different this year as well. Counties may now issue mail-only ballots, doing away with neighborhood polling places, and instead providing ballot drop-boxes to be available four weeks before an election and "temporary voting centers" ten days prior to the election. Also, college tui-tion may be free for full-time freshman at on of California's 114 Community Colleges- if the legislature can put away enough money in the 2018-19 budget to fund it. And finally, Californians can choose "no gender" or "nonbinary" on their birth certificates and driver's licenses (starting in 2019). If all these new bills are overwhelming for you, just wait. The second year of a legislative session is always more exciting. Get ready for what's to come!


Introducing... 2018 Bills

With last session's bills becoming law January 1st behind them, the Legislature returned to the Capitol on Wednesday to begin introducing this session's bill-fest. As always with the start of legislative session, there are some very good bills introduced by our Republican representatives. Many of those bills are likely to see an early defeat, yet we fight hard to support them anyway. Here are a couple early bills that have already caught our attention:

AB 403 (Melendez, R): Legislative Whistleblower Protection Act- not surprisingly, this bill is finally receiving bi-partisan support. This bill, which has been killed in the Senate every prior session it has been introduced, would pro-tect legislative staff who report improper or unethical behavior. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But since 2012, this simple bill has been stalled and killed in the Senate, which is currently dealing with multiple sexual harassment scan-dals. Coincidence? We think not.

AB 1756 (Brough, R): Repeal of the Gas Tax- Republicans are trying every avenue to repeal SB 1, the sneaky Gas Tax that came into effect November. This bill would simply repeal SB 1, the 12 cent per gallon increase on our gasoline tax, the 20 cent diesel tax increase, and the $75-$175 increase in vehicle registration fees.


California’s November Propositions “ Don’t Be fooled by the TV Ads or the  Mail”

Prop. 1 – Housing & Veteran’s Housing Bond – CFRW says NO

Prop. 2 – Millionaire’s Tax Reallocation to Homeless Housing – CFRW says NO

Prop. 3 -- $8.9 Billion Water Bond – CFRW says NO

Prop. 4 – Children’s Hospital Bond – CFRW says NO

Prop. 5 – Senior Property Tax Transfer --  CFRW & HJTA say  YES

Prop. 6 – Gas Tax Repeal – CFRW & HJTA say  YES  Prop. 7 – Permanent Daylight Savings – CFRW says NO Prop. 8 – Dialysis Clinic Revenue – CFRW says NO

Prop. 9 –Was taken off the ballot by the California Supreme Court

Prop. 10 – Local Rent Control – CFRW & HJTA say NO

Prop. 11 – Ambulance Employee Paid Breaks – CFRW says YES

Prop. 12 – Space Requirements for Consumable Farm Animals – CFRW says NO

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